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Gum Overgrowth

Overgrowth of gum tissue is technically termed gingival hyperplasia.  It is fairly common in the many bulldog breeds and boxers, but can develop in most any dog. It can be localized and be confused with a tumor, or it can be widespread throughout the mouth. Mild overgrowths may not require therapy but the problem usually worsens over time. As in the photo above, the problem can reach a point where the crowns of some teeth will be buried under a mound of overgrown gum tissue. Such teeth are useless. The larger concern is that the deep recesses created by the excessive gum growth are perfect places for the growth of harmful bacteria. To eliminate the deep recesses and restore function, the overgrown gums should be surgically removed. Instead of a scalpel blade, we use high frequency radio waves to remove the excess gum tissue. Radio-surgery helps prevent bleeding and discomfort after the procedure.

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